Morphony is an online audio automaton, a neverending evolving piece of sonic art and a generative sound installation.
Among other things.
As a musical composition and piece of art it's also the core of my artistic work, a crystallization and physical output of methodology in audible form regarding composition, improvisation and philosophy.

Technically, morphony is constructed with a strict dogmatic approach in it's design. It's solely based on synthesized sound, random sequencing of musical/non-musical events and processing of different kind, analogue and digital - all in realtime.
No prerecorded sources of sound (samples) is used, everything is generated live.
In other words morphony is statistically predetermined to never repeat itselft, ever.

Morphony is never going to sound the same over time in it's character. In terms of "music" if might be considered the same way you think of a software suite. It's a piece, but it's not outlined by the same conceptual frames as with a recording or a score...rigid,
- a linear movement from point a to point b in a certain duration of time. It has no beginning and it has no end,
neither is there an artistic intention to convey anything specific in terms of affect, context or narrative. It's a form within it's own plasticity, subjective to the artists aesthetics and artistic development, open for interpretation by the listener.
Producing a constant flow of random events morphony is going to keep changing, updating and morphing into new forms continously, just as it has been for years already, now officially available online.

As a comment to the digital age and the obsession of documenting and publishing on a fixed media of any kind, the audible output of morphony is rarely documented. There's something appealing and at the same time provocative to me as an artist in, as a concept, actively performing the act of not documenting.
Every second is a unique representation of the time/frequency continuum, embedded into the sound itself, and's gone.
These are the premises for all human life, something that's maybe have come to be neglected in terms of how we experience art and culture in conjunction with new media and technology in modern society.
With the latest technology, everything is live again, thus allowing us to forget, some ways, morphony is an attempt to perform oblivion and celebrate the notion of time passing by...

Morphony is a manifestation of the present.

Joel Brindefalk | Lindblad Studio | Gothenburg | 100101

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Joel Brindefalk
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